Wells Fargo & Company is very renowned American multinational banking and financial services organization. This a holding company which has headquarter in San Francisco, California. This organization gives very reliable services worldwide. This organization has earned huge revenue from its services. This company provides various services such as Auto Lender, Consumer banking, corporate banking, credit cards, Dealer Service, foreign currency exchange, finance and insurance, private banking, investment banking, mortgage loans, private equity, wealth management etc. Many consumers prefer services from this company. It is very renowned organization for providing its best services. More than 275,000 employees give various services for this organization.

For giving customer satisfaction properly, Wells Fargo bank opened different facilities via online. However, this is why, it is very important to become a member of the site. Without being member, the bank does not provide any service online with customer care support. If you are a member of the bank or an account holder, you can open your online account. That is why, you need to visit the website www.wellsfargo.com. From the you can open an account and log in to the site for managing your account. It is very easy to operate your account properly, check account summery, transfer fund, bill pay, brokerage, trade, massage and alerts and accounts services online after opening account.

For opening account visit www.wellsfargo.com site and click on the “Sign Up now”. Now you need to provide some information and your account will be ready shortly. Sooner, you will get email for opening account. After opening account and getting email, you can log in to your account from the same page. To view your account, you need to choose the service, then provide username and password. After providing all of the information, click on the Go button. You will see home page of your account.

Simon 4.0

Name: Simon
Version: 4.0
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K’ed

OS version: OS X 10.10
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit
RAM minimum: 1GB
Video RAM: —

Unlimited tests for everyone!
Redesigned to use a convenient single-window layout.
Support for organizing tests etc into groups.
Optionally hide Simon from the Dock.
Password protect access to Simon.
Reorder filters and notifiers in a test.
New email service to check sending, receiving or both.
New RSS service.
New context filters to include extra text around a change.
See each filter’s output in the preview.
Share menu.
Migration from the old App Store editions.
Attractive new app and window icons.
New service plan subscription option.
Plus many more improvements and fixes.

Simon monitors websites and alerts you of crashes and changes.

Select pages to monitor, choose your alert options, and customize your settings. Simon does the rest.

Keep a watchful eye on your favorite sites

Monitor any site. Want to receive an alert when a favorite blog has been updated? Or monitor activity on your personal page? If it’s on the Web, Simon can watch it for you.
Enjoy flexible alert options. Find out about page changes via alarms, emails, or speech. Whether you’re at work or at home, Simon has an alert option to match your level of urgency.
Get support for multiple services. DNS, FTP, IMAP, MySQL, Twitter, SMTP. Simon has built-in support for almost any service you can imagine.

Info: http://www.dejal.com/simon/

Erato 1.4.5

Version: 1.4.5
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: KG

OS version: 10.7 or higher
Processor type(s) & speed: Intel, 64 bit
RAM minimum: N/A
Video RAM: N/A

Erato 1.4.5 released
27 Feb 2015
This release has the following changes:
Fixes issues with YAML frontmatter parsing
Decreases the minimum size for the document window

Erato 1.4.4 released
22 Feb 2015
This release has the following changes:
Fixes potential crash
Fixes inconsistent titlebar rendering

Erato is a gorgeous Markdown composer with live preview. It offers full support for regular Markdown syntax, GitHub flavored markdown, YAML front matter and parts of the MultiMarkdown specification.

Smart composer:

Syntax highlighted Markdown
Autocompletion for lists, task lists and block quotes
Automatic indentation for code blocks

GitHub flavored Markdown:

Fenced code blocks (with syntax highlighting)
Task lists
Friendly line breaks
Automatic escaping_of_underlined_words
Automatic linking

And more…..

More info: http://9muses.se/erato/

FotoMagico 4.5.1

Name: FotoMagico
Version: 4.5.1
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Serial

OS version: 10.8 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit
RAM minimum: 4GB

More information:


Crafted by photographers for photographers, award-winning FotoMagico is the slideshow tool of choice for thousands of photographers. Turn your pictures and movies into a powerful story with a few simple clicks and present it live in high resolution or share it in a variety of formats, including on your iPad, iPhone, website or a DVD with your customers or peers.

Create the most spectacular slideshows

Scale, move, rotate, zoom or pan around your images to highlight that part that matters the most.
Your slides fit together perfectly with the new, gorgeous transitions.
Provide more meaning with subtle titles here and there.


Layers and Masks
Storyboard and Timeline

What’s New
Version 4.5.1:

Incorrect audio fade-ins and fade-outs have been fixed.
The profile popup menu in Custom Video export now behaves correctly when running FotoMagico in German or French.
Various small fixes.

Paprika Recipe Manager 2.1.2

Name: Paprika Recipe Manager
Version: 2.1.2
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K’ed

OS version: 10.8
Processor type(s) & speed: Intel, 64-bit

Pre-cracked courtesy of C.O.R.E

What’s New
Version 2.1.2:

Added a few more keyboard shortcuts.
Improved text selection when using the browser clipboard tools.
Fixed missing scroll bars in the recipe screen.
Fixed missing buttons in fullscreen mode under Yosemite.
Fixed a minor issue where the window height grows slightly each time the app is launched.
Fixed a bug where popovers would get stuck in the browser.
Fixed a few minor issues with the YummySoup and SousChef importers.

Delightfully simple recipe management for everyone: from aspiring cooks to professional chefs. With web importing, grocery lists and meal planning, Paprika is the perfect kitchen companion. If you love to cook, Paprika will be most useful app you’ve ever downloaded!

Use Paprika Cloud Sync to wirelessly sync between your devices and take your recipes with you everywhere you go! (Please note: the apps are sold separately, and the cloud sync service is free.)


? Create and modify your own recipes on any device.
? Automatically download recipes from hundreds of websites with a single tap.
? Integrated browser clipboard tools help you clip recipe information from any website.
? Smart recipe view: cross off ingredients when you’re done with them, and tap to highlight your current step.
? Tools to help you cook: start multiple timers, pin active recipes to easily switch between them, and scale ingredients to your desired serving size.
? Timers are automatically detected in your directions: simply tap on one to start!
? Store nutritional information (automatically saved from sites which provide it) and personalized notes for each recipe.
? Find your recipes in a flash with our powerful subcategory organization and advanced search tools which let you search by name, ingredient or source.
? Intelligent grocery list automatically combines your ingredients and sorts them by aisle.
? Use the pantry to keep track of what ingredients you already have.
? Save time and money by planning your meals by the week and month! Create reusable menus from your favorite meals.
? Print and email support for recipes, grocery lists, and meal plans. Support for multiple recipe print sizes including index cards.
? Share recipes via email (that other Paprika users can automatically import).
? Import existing recipes from popular desktop apps such as MacGourmet, YummySoup!, MasterCook & Living Cookbook.
? Export your meal plans to iCal and your grocery lists to Reminders.
? Manual backup and restore keeps your recipe collection safe.
? Offline access. All of your data is stored locally, no internet connection is required to view your recipes.
? Paprika Cloud Sync. Keep your recipes, grocery lists, and meal plans seamlessly synced between all your devices!
? Bookmarklet. Capture recipes from your web browser straight into your Paprika Cloud Sync account.


XCommander 1.4.30

Name: XCommander
Version: 1.4.30
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K’ed

OS version: MacOSX 10.7
Processor type(s) & speed: –
RAM minimum: –
Video RAM: –

What’s New in Version 1430
Bug of app crash in Mac OS X Yosemite 10.1 is fixed.


Unpack and enjoy.

This app is a very convenient two-pane file manager providing the following features:

* Resizable two-pane file view.

* File operations (Copying, Moving, Deletion, Renaming, Folder Creation).

* File search with support of name wildcards and option to search globally or locally starting from a specific folder.

* Shortcuts for the common-use folders (Applications, Documents, etc).

* Launching an app file or app associated with the file.

* Drag-and-drop file operation.

* Configuration autosaving.

* Resizing and reordering columns of the file list.

* File list sorting on any column.

* Context menu.

Please note that file operations (Copying, Moving, Deletion, Folder Creation, App Launching) require appropriate access right or Admin Privileges to be setup for the target file/folder.

Mail Plugin – Graffiti 1.0.15

Name: Mail Plugin – Graffiti
Version: 1.0.15 (1032)
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: K

OS version: OS X 10.8 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Block connections to: www.chungwasoft.com

Yosemite Compatible Patcher

Courtesy of Special [K]

Quit Mail.app before installing and patching!
After installing, patch ~/Library/Mail/Bundles/Graffiti.mailbundle with the included patcher.

Release Date: December 5, 2014

What’s New?
Not Available

More Info: http://www.chungwasoft.com/graffiti/

Apple Mail Plugin

Graffiti – Signatures with Style.

Add Style to your Emails
Email signatures are a very effective way of making your email messages look more professional, more personal or simply more beautiful.
With Graffiti it becomes easier than ever before to design wonderful email signatures without being a webdesign expert.

Be unique
With Graffiti, you are able to design your email signature without any limitations. With HTML and CSS you can even re-use parts of your personal or professional website. Include hyperlinks to websites, social media profiles or personal images.

Use Templates for your Corporate Design
Graffiti supports templates to define a common look of email signatures within your company. You can easily design your own template and use them on different computers. Graffiti will automatically fill in the particular user’s personal information while retaining a common design based on the signature template.

Parallels Desktop 10.2.0-28956

Name: Parallels Desktop
Version: 10.2.0-28956
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K’ed

OS version: 10.7
Processor type(s) & speed: Intel
RAM minimum: 2GB
Video RAM: n/a

Resolves an issue with accidental “Unable to connect to the server…” error messages appearing while working in a virtual machine.
Resolves an issue with a virtual machine not starting after resizing its virtual hard disk.
Resolves an issue with a nested virtual machine restart also restarting the host virtual machine.
Resolves an issue with OS X virtual machines being unable to use NetBoot.
Resolves an issue with Autodesk Maya 2015 crashing on start.
Resolves an issue with accidental keyboard input sounds in Coherence.
Resolves Ubuntu Web Browser display issues when dragging a window.
We are changing the name of Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition to Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition, effective immediately. It is the same quality software you enjoy today, which we will continue to update with our latest innovations. The new Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition name emphasizes that businesses of all sizes, not just enterprises, use and benefit from our industry-leading software.

Link for more information: http://www.parallels.com/products/desktop/

Parallels Desktop

Parallels Desktop is simply the world’s bestselling, top-rated, and most trusted solution for running Windows applications on your Mac. With Parallels Desktop for Mac, you can seamlessly run both Windows and Mac OS X applications side-by-side without rebooting. Drag-and-drop files between Windows and Mac applications, launch Windows applications from your Mac dock, and do much more with speed, control and confidence.

Seamless Simplicity Use Run Windows programs like they were native to your Mac. Setting up Parallels Desktop for Mac is simple and quick. Enjoy the best of both worlds – Windows and Mac OS X – on one seamless desktop.

Performance and Personalization Experience as much or as little Windows as you want. Multiple view modes make it possible for you to customize the level of integration between Mac and Windows without compromising performance.

CoffeeCup Menu Builder v1.5.0056

CoffeeCup Menu Builder v1.5.0056

Released on 11/17/14 for exclusive usage by
members of the release scene. This isnt something
to share with your school mates and not for sale
Go and ask mommy to buy this app if you like it!

Company: CoffeeCup
Url: http://www.coffeecup.com/

Release Information

Customize HTML & CSS3 navigation menus without
Menu Builder creates good looking, standards
compliant, menus with simple intuitive visual
controls. That s right, you don t have to write a
single line of code to add drop downs, apply
rounded corners, box shadows and so much more. You
can also export your menus and hand tweak every
single aspect. Or, simply paste the code into your
site and enjoy the pleasure of a custom, smoothly
functioning CSS3 Menu that can be updated with

Install Notes

1. Unpack & Install

DataGuardian v3.1.9

Koingo DataGuardian v3.1.9 *INCL.KEYFILEMAKER*

Cracked by: symmetry Release-Name: CR-IM4D_.ZIP
Supplied: CORE Release-Date: 2014/10/30
Packaged: Bergelmir Release-Type: Util
Protection: Keyfile OS: MacOSX
Crack/SN: Keyfile Language: English
Rating: [You decide!] Disks: 3

DESCRiPTiON: Security and privacy are two of the most important issues in
today’s world; leaving passwords on sticky notes around your
computer simply will not cut it anymore. Data Guardian is a secure
database application with up to 448-bits of Blowfish encryption
regardless of how sensitive your data is. Create multiple
databases in Data Guardian for a variety of purposes such as an
address book, customer database, Christmas shopping list, journal
password manager, or even notepad

Easily create collections to store records, and even apply custom
color labels and icons! Change the view options for each
collection to see the information you want, and add your own
custom data fields. Do not be stuck with a program which forces
you to input your information into predefined fields. Enter the
data you need to, not what you are forced to

Aside from Data Guardian’s easy to use Keychain integration* to
autofill passwords on web sites, it also offers a variety of other
tools and features to enhance each record. Dial phone numbers
through your modem with a single click, create new e-mail
messages, generate secure passwords (based on an algorithm of your
choosing), and even synchronize two databases

iNSTALL/REGiSTER NOTES: Use our keymaker to register the application. Block the app with a
firewall (e.g. Little Snitch)

NOTE FOR OSX 10.9: Mavericks is using a new caching engine. People
around the globe have problems with that. So, if you think our
keyfilemaker is not working, try to kill the process “cfprefsd”
which belongs to your username and try starting the app again

NOTE: Greets to the MacUpdate team – Koingo people really fucked
with you (baby, don’t hurt me…):